Judicial Images
Production, Management and Consumption

Lectures, workshops and events

Judicial Images Network will be promoting and staging a number of activities.

Three two day workshops and a public lecture are at the heart of the project.

The workshops focus on the three interconnected themes of image making, image management and image consumption. Each workshop involves leading experts in the field from across jurisdictions, academic disciplines, organisations and practices. Speakers will include practitioners such as judges, architects, artists, curators and filmmakers, people involved in citizenship education together with established and early career scholars. The workshops will include a range of activities including presentations, questions and answer sessions, ‘in conversation’ debates and demonstrations. Practitioners who work in the field of making images of judges will be presenting their work during the workshops.

The public lecture offers an opportunity for a prominant figure in the field to make a major intervention in contemporary debates about the judiciary.

Other 'Judicial Image' related events: Surrounding the core activities will be a number of other events such as temporary exhibitions, 'in conversation' and Q and A events with judges, figures from the media and scholars.  We will also include events that touch on judicial images and related themes organised by other insitutions.