Judicial Images
Production, Management and Consumption

Virtual Exhibitions

The Virtual Exhibitions explore the long and diverse history of judicial image making. The various exhibitions bring together a wide variety of visual images of the judiciary past and present. They include factual as well as fictional judicial subjects. You will find examples of painted portraits, sculptures, sketches, photographs, screen shots from film and video.

Some of the pictures in these exhibitions have never been shown before. Others have long been on display but with limited access, seen only by judges or elite members of the legal professions. Those that show judicial characters who have appeared in television dramas or reality court TV shows may well have been seen by millions of viewers.

Judicial Images Exhibition

In the UK individuals are not allowed to take photographs in courtrooms. All of the pictures in this exhibition show judges involved in various ceremonial events that bring them out into the public.


Screen Judges

Judicial images are today mainly viewed on screen; mobile phone, computer, TV, cinema. These judges can be viewed 24/7 and in almost any location.


Looking the Part

Linda Mulcahy with images by Simon Hicks


Judicial Images Network Members' Gallery

Contributions of images from Network Members to add to the legacy of the Judicial Images Project.