Judicial Images
Production, Management and Consumption

Screen Judges

A virtual exhibition

Screen images of judges (film, television, digital etc) add a whole new dimension to the visual image of the judge. Through a variety of technologies they revolutionise the judicial image.

They show judges in motion. In many cases they add another dimensions to the judicial visual image - sound. They bring an air of realism to judicial images that is hard to produce or imagine in a still image or in other media.

What do moving images of the judiciary look like? What sound do judges make? We provide some examples in this exhibition. It offers clips from film and video that focus on judges. The pictures in this exhibition provide an opportunity to reflect on the impact of mass media and technological innovation on the judicial image.

This exhibition contains ‘screen saver’ shots of judicial images from 'screen images' such as film and television. Our goal is to create an archive of fictional judicial characters. Documentaries about judges are rare. Again our goal is to gather together as many examples as possible from a variety of documentaries in a number of different countries.’

The caption and text accompanying the image includes (where relevant) details of web sources where you can view extracts.

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