Judicial Images
Production, Management and Consumption

Dr. Patrícia Branco

Professor, Centro de Estudos Sociais, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Key publications:


Branco, Patrícia (ed.) (2013), Sociologia do(s) Espaço(s) da Justiça: Diálogos Interdisciplinares. Coimbra: CES/Almedina. [Sociology of the Spaces of Justice: Interdisciplinary Dialogues]

Book Chapters

Branco, Patrícia; Casaleiro, Paula (2013), Arquitetura Judiciária e Acesso ao Direito e à Justiça - O estudo de caso dos tribunais de família e menores em Portugal, in Patrícia Branco (org.), Sociologia do(s) Espaço(s) da Justiça: Diálogos Interdisciplinares. Coimbra: CES/Almedina, 185-228. [Courthouse Architecture and Access to Justice: the case-study of Family Courts in Portugal]

Branco, Patrícia (2009), "Justice et architecture: la relation entre accès au droit et architecture judiciaire", in Guillaume Protière (org.), Espaces du Droit et Droit des Espaces. Paris: L'Harmattan (ISBN : 978-2-296-10553-9), 49-57.

Papers in scientific journals (with peer-review)

Branco, Patrícia; Dumoulin, Laurence (2014), "La justice en trois dimensions: représentations, architectures et rituels", Droit et Société, 87, 485-505.

Branco, Patrícia; Casaleiro, Paula; Pedroso, João; Nitrato Izzo, Valerio; Pozzi, Cláudia (2011), "Entre a forma e a função: arquitectura judiciária e acesso ao direito e à justiça nos tribunais com competência em família e menores", Lex Familiae, 8, 15, 33-56. [Between Form and function: courthouse architecture and access to justice in family courts]

Branco, Patrícia (2010), "On Prisons and Theatres: Santo Stefano and San Carlo ", Law Text Culture, 14 (Law's Theatrical Presence), 1 (Dez. 2010), 277-286.

Book reviews

Branco, Patrícia (2012) book review to Judith Resnik e Dennis Curtis (2011), Representing Justice: Invention, Controversy, and Rights in City-States and Democratic Courtrooms, New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 720, in Social & Legal Studies, 21/1, 138-141.

Branco, Patrícia (2009) book review to Bernini, Stefania (2007), Family Life and Individual Welfare in Post-war Europe: Britain and Italy Compared, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 199, in Journal of Social Policy, volume 38 (1), 193-194.

Working papers

Branco, Patrícia (2010), "Questioning the connection between access to law and justice and courthouse architecture", Oficina do CES, 352.


Top twenty 'key resources' to recommend to others in the field

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