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Dr. Ruth G. Herz

former Judge at the court of Cologne, Germany, visiting Professor at Birkbeck College

Key Publications:

The Art of Justice: the Judge’s Perspective (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2012)

 Recht Persönlich: Eine Jugendrichterin erzählt  (in German:  Law from a Personal

Perspective told by a Youth Court Judge), (CH Beck Verlag, Munich, 2006)

 Gendered Experiences of a Judge in Germany, in Gender and Justice, (ed.) Ulrike Schulz and Gisela Shaw, (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2013)

 Ruth Herz Judge Playing Judge Ruth Herz: Reflections on the Performance of Judicial Authority, Leslie Moran, BeverlySkeggs, Ruth Herz, in Law Text Culture, Vol. 14, 2010, 198-219

 The Naked Truth: A Pictorial View of Justice, in PARSE Journal, New Platform for artistic research, Issue ♯ 1, forthcoming November 2014

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