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More than just a different face? Judicial Diversity and Decision-Making

Time: 12:00am on Thursday 23rd October, 2014

Location: UCL Law Faculty, Bentham House, Endsleigh Gardens London WC1H 0EG


This lecture addresses a key question in debates around judicial diversity: what evidence is there that a more diverse judiciary will make a difference to substantive decision-making? The lecture will begin by outlining the range of arguments for a more diverse judiciary, which include but are not confined to making a difference to substantive decision-making. It will then turn to consider the considerable evidence which now exists both to refute and to support the existence of substantive differences in decision-making following the appointment of women and others from non-traditional backgrounds to the judiciary. On the basis of this evidence, it will draw conclusions as to the kinds of differences in decision-making which might be expected, and the circumstances under which different approaches to decision-making are likely to flourish.