Judicial Images
Production, Management and Consumption

Legal Intersections Research Centre Roundtable Discussion

Time: 12:30pm on Wednesday 17th September, 2014


Image making is the organising theme of the first workshop. Who makes judicial images? What factors shape the production of judicial images? What resources do those who are involved in making judicial images draw upon? What do the resulting judicial images look like? What do these images tell us about the judiciary? What gets left out?

These are some of the questions we will explore in the first workshop.

The workshop will include sessions that explore;

-this history and contemporary form of judicial costume

-the past, present and future of courtroom architecture as the stage upon which live performances of ‘judicial theatre’ take place

-the nature and role of emotions in judicial performances

-the challenge of making television drama about the work of judges.


Workshop 6th and 7th November


Thursday 6th November 2014

Thai lecture theatre, Lower ground floor, LSE New Academic Building, Lincolns Inn Fields, London


Welcome: Professor Leslie Moran and Professor Linda Mulcahy

6.15-7.30 Session 1: Dressing the Part

Christopher Allen, Ede and Ravenscroft. Mr Allen is one of the key staff from the company that makes all the judicial robes for England and Wales. Examples from the collection of historical robes will be on display


Wine reception and buffet


Prof. Gary Watt Prof of University of Warwick and author of Dress, Law and Naked Truth: A Cultural Study of Fashion and Form

Dr. Aoife Monks Theatre Studies scholar, Queen Mary College London with a particular interest in costume and props


Friday 7th November 2014 at London School of Economics

Vera Anstey Room, Old Building, Houghton Street,  London WC2A 2AE

9.00 – 9.15

Welcome and opening comments by the directors of the Judicial Network project: Professor Leslie Moran and Professor Linda Mulcahy

9.15-10.15 Session 2: The Architecture of Judicial Theatre

Speaker: Frank Green Architect of RicciGrene Associates, US architect with a large portfolio of completed Courthouse projects


Discussant Prof. Linda Mulcahy, Professor of Law, London School of Economics. 




11.30-12.30 Session 3: Judicial Image and Judicial Performance

Chair: Dr. Ruth Herz

Roundtable: Judicial Images/Judicial Performance

Dr. Vera Rottenberg-Liatowitsch. Judge at the Federal Court of Switzerland (Civil Division) Retired

Prof. Alan Read Professor of Performance Studies Kings College London

Prof. Hilary Sommerland, Professor of Law with particular interest in judicial diversity and gender performance 




1.30-2.30 Session 4: Performing Emotion

Prof. Maroney, Professor of Law Vanderbilt University USA.

On judicial emotional performances




3.30 - 5.00 Session 5: Judicial fictions - TV drama

G. F. Newman in conversation with Prof Leslie Moran ‘Judicial fictions on TV’

G. F. Newman is responsible for the TV series ‘Judge John Deed’. It ran for 6 seasons and episodes attracted audiences of over 9 million viewers.


Wine reception