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Graphic Futures: Imagining the Potential of Law in Comics and Graphic Novels

Time: 12:00am on Friday 14th November, 2014


Project to take place 2015-2018


What of jurisprudential future? What challenges and laws await us as we emerge from the throes of modernity? What awaits our nature as humanity integrates with advancing technology? What form will morality take in a world where official systems of order and control, or the modes of thought that created the modern state, have dissipated? What of justice without law? What of law after the human? What of knowledge and judgment after the reification of modernism has been undone? What is the next jurisprudence?


It is these, and related, questions that the Graphic Futures project addresses, through innovative engagement with the medium of graphic fiction via a series of international workshops in UK, US, and Australia.


Deadline for abstracts 14 November 2014.


See http://graphicjustice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/call-graphic-futures-project.html for more details.