Judicial Images
Production, Management and Consumption

Illicit Images Workshop

Time: 4:00pm on Thursday 11th June, 2015

Location: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 17 Russell Square WC1B 5DR


Speakers Abstract:

Speakers and paper titles:

Prof Katherine Biber, University of Technology Sydney, Australia, Visiting Scholar at Birkbeck School of Law, Visiting Fellow, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

  • Paper title: “Redacted readymades: art from bureaucratic secrets”.

Dr Peter Doyle, curator the exhibitions Suburban Noir, City of Shadows and Crimes of Passion, drawn from the Forensic Photography Archive at Sydney's Justice and Police Museum; associate professor of media at Macquarie University, Australia;  

  • Paper title: “Ways of looking, limits of seeing: ​​displaying the forensic photograph”.

Prof Leslie J Moran, School of Law, Birkbeck, University of London

  • Paper title: “Televising the judicial ‘money shot’: making and managing screen images of judges delivering their judgments”.

Prof Linda Mulcahy, Department of Law, London School of Economics; 

  • Paper title: “Economies of Illicit Images: Understanding the ban on photography in English courts”.

Chair: Dr Thomas Giddens, St Mary’s University, Twickenham.

REGISTRATION:  This event is FREE but prior booking is requested. Please click here to register via EventBrite.

Organised in collaboration with Birkeck, University of London.